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Arizona Lien Law Timeline

(Information regarding other states' lien law available upon request)

Arizona Lien Law TimelineArizona Preliminary Notice

All parties on the job/project must give notice to the owner, general contractor, lender and customer not later than 20 days after Claimant's first supplying labor or materials.

Lien Claim

All Lien Claims must be filed/recorded at the County Recorder's Office (the county that the project is located) within 120 days after last furnishing work or 60 days after receipt of a Notice of Completion if sent out according to the statute.

Stop Notice

A Stop Notice requests the owner or lender to withhold payment to the general contractor even if the project is complete. Should not be in lieu of a lien, but used as an additional tool to obtain your money.

Ninety Day Claim

(Both Private and Public Works)

Notice to be sent out Certified Mail to the general contractor, surety bond company and any other party to be put on notice, within 90 days of the claimant's last supplying any labor and / or materials.

Intent to Lien

Notice sent out to all parties advising that a Claim of Lien will be recorded if payment is not received.

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