At Construction Notice Services there are no sign-up fees or hidden fees you know exactly what you will be paying.

Yes, all associates have been trained in all levels of Prelim, Liens, and Bonds. At Construction Notice Services, we pride ourselves on answering our telephones. If it is outside normal business hours, we will return the telephone call the following business day.

No customer is too big or small to work with our company. We work will all clients no matter what your need is and will treat you with the same amount of care regardless of the size.

We are a Nationwide full-service Lien and Bond company covering all states in the US.

In most states, you can do a late prelim that will usually revert back a number of days depending on the state requirements. If you find that you missed a prelim, we recommend you still have us send it out as this will put everyone on notice that you are supplying to the project and need to get paid.

At CNS we have streamlined the Preliminary Notice Process. Your prelims can be processed on the day received or the following day, depending on the validation of information in the Prelim. Mechanic’s Liens are researched and prepared on the day received or the following day. However, California does not digitally record so there would be a runner taking the Lien to the Recorder.

Yes, you can and should prelim the Owner Occupied residence to inform the Owner that you will be supplying to the project.

If you have sent out your preliminary notice timely, in most states you can lien an Owner Occupied residence so long as you send out the letter of Intent to Lien. In Arizona, if you are not in direct contract with the Owner, then you lose your lien rights. One Caveat where you will retain your lien rights on a residence where a prime contractor is between you and the owner is if the residence is owned by a corporation, a rental, spec home and being sold.

In Arizona, the Prelim will reach back only 20 days like a new prelim. If you have a change order you will need to make sure you are within your 20 days to protect your Lien Rights, after you have exhausted your contract amount. In Arizona, you have an additional 20% above the amount stated on the Prelim. There are states in which no project amount will be listed on your prelim, so it is not necessary to.

Reach out to Construction Notice Services for a list of various state requirements and we will forward a copy to your email address.

The first step is to retain an attorney to foreclose the Lien. If you do not have an attorney Construction Notice has a great group of attorneys’ to refer to.

Yes, Prelims are designed to notify the Owner and all parties above you that you will be making an improvement to the project. Prelims are required on all State, County and City projects in order to retain your Bond Claim rights.

Send in an email to Construction Notice Services with instructions to Release the Lien along with the project name. We will ensure that the Lien is Released in a timely manner.

If you are in direct contract with the Bonded Party, then you can do your Bond Claim up to one year after your completion of your contract work. You are not required to wait on a Bond Claim as it can be filed at any time but not later than 1 year. However, if you are in contract with a Subcontractor, then you must bring your Bond Claim within 90 days to retain your Bond Claim rights.

We bill monthly, you will receive an invoice breaking down all prelims sent out at the beginning of the following month. Payment can be made by check or credit card. If you choose the credit card option, there will be a 3% fee assessed to your total amount due.